The following historic account, written with a poetic flair, is a description of our birth and spiritual journey into the greatness of the spiritual blessings that GOD has bestowed upon us. Because the Word of GOD is the source of the Vision, it seemed only fitting to use His words to pen this history.

Except for the facts stated in relationship to the Ministry, each line was taken directly from one of the following: Bible; Title of a sermon or Bible study; Phrase or statement spoken during the sermon or lesson; Prayer of Awakening; Daily Vision prayer

The purpose is to show our spiritual foundation and roots within the Word of GOD. This history is a small composite of the numerous words of guidance and instruction delivered to us through His chosen servants. This is GOD’s church and we are a people who believe in a commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will grow a great church.

The Genesis of a Living Legacy

For I know the plans I have for you, 
plans to prosper you and not to harm you, 
plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

The Push of the Promise and Pull of the Vision. 
A Prayer of Awakening to show us a door 
and the path to get through.
Get Ready! Shout Victory! 
For we have favor with the Captain of the Host saying, 
“Time of reversal. Surround your inheritance and set a wall of fire. 
Passion will no longer be held back and hindrances are taken away”. 
The enemy is dethroned. Rise Up! Rise Up!

From out of the beginnings of a small Baptist Mission over 100 years ago, we waited on the tip toe of expectancy until by the power of the Holy Spirit; the Vision was birthed as PREVAILING IN CHRIST MINISTRIES.

Services marking the first step into the Vision were held in Long Beach, California, with about 125 faithful members joining into fellowship. Inauguration followed on July 1st, 2007, Holiday Inn, Torrance, California, bringing the total membership to approximately 200 people carrying GOD’s glory as we began to cross over into our GOD given purpose. Knowing that a Vision without Provision is just a dream, and that we don’t look at what we don’t have but at GOD’s promises we were invoked to believe and become established in the Word. And being established in the Word strengthened our Faith. Power, influence and confidence all come from a strong sense of identity. We are Christ’s body as we began to walk into our destiny. Out of the courtroom and into the living room away from the accusing power of the enemy.

The Joy is in the Cluster. For there the LORD commanded the blessing. Where there is unity, there is a blessing. We were a cluster of blessings receiving the joy of the former and latter rains.

Learning, laughing, loving in harmony. We knew that if we didn’t look any different from where we’ve been, then we should have stayed where we were. But the water from Heaven kept us from looking anything like what we had been through. Because GOD’s Word has authority in this house. A house where we worship with the angels and then go out to serve. We’ve been chosen to demonstrate GOD’s power, “incredible power for credible witnesses”

Based on biblical principles as presented in “Purpose Driven Church”, we are “Building a Healthy Body of Believers with a Global Mission”.

We will develop a strategy to win souls to Christ; establish a ministry structure to support a healthy body of believers; affirm our GOD given purpose through the Word of GOD; equip our members to grow relationally with our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ and we welcome all ethnicities and cultures to join us in the Word, Praise and Worship, as we purpose to glorify GOD with our lives.

Our ministry has already established a Tuesday night Bible Study held at New Philadelphia AME Church. Members attend 4 sessions of classes to bring us into spiritual maturity. We are a family, strong through our salvation, our statement, our strategy and our structure; functioning on the basis of our spiritual gifts and not elected offices. We Celebrate GOD’s presence through Worship. We Demonstrate GOD’s love through Ministry. We Communicate GOD’s Word through Evangelism. We Incorporate GOD’s family through Fellowship and we Educate GOD’s people through Discipleship.

During this first year we have held “Celebration Sundays”, promoting various themes tied to family and fellowship, a Dedication service on October 28, 2007 was officiated by Bishop Noel Jones of City of Refuge, a Fellowship Picnic, Family Conference, Mission Feeding of the Homeless, Fireside Chats, Ministries – 24 in number, were birthed to maximize the ministry and minimize maintenance. We have prospered financially through our “Get Rich Quick “ plan which is to “Abide in Christ” for again, the blessing is in the Cluster.

“The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts” Haggai 2:9 – The Prevailing In Christ Legacy Fund (Building Fund) is Under Way! GOD’s eye is leading us to where we should be because we pay our tithes, give liberally and spend our money wisely; we shall become a debt-free people in the name of Jesus Christ. We’re moving forward to possess the land and building of GOD’s promise.

“So Mightily Grew the Word of GOD and Prevailed” Acts 19:20

Incredible completeness as we join hands and close the gaps for corporate prayer. We’re building the walls as we build to repair people’s lives. Walls to set a standard of integrity. We must intercede to the mandate of this church. We will pray and fight for what is valuable to us. It is the Genesis of a living legacy. We are to show forth His glory in the world. We will choose, clarify, change and check our values until the task is done. Keeping an Intensively Intense prayer life. We can never lose our purpose for our purpose produces peace. We may be stuck with a situation or opposition but we’re not bound by its conditions. We’re running now to the majestic melodies of GOD’s eternal purpose.

Purpose Driven….Prevailing….Always Prevailing….

From the Genesis of a Living Legacy….
to the Revelation of a far greater weight of Glory
spoken to us before Time.
Because nothing else matters but GOD—that’s maturity!

“So Mightily Grew the Word of GOD and Prevailed” Acts 19:20

To Be Continued….

Written by Evelyn Lowe