Devised for Your Defeat (2 Cor. 2:11)

Intro: Weapon contrived and devised for your defeat.

I. The World Uses Calculated Plans

II. Devices, Wiles, and Weapons

III. Tailor-Made for Your Personal Defeat

IV. Weapons Formed Against Us

V. How to Deny Defeat

Conclusion: We searched all over, could not find nobody greater than you Lord.

IS THERE NOT A CAUSE? (1 SAM. 17:8 & 29)

Intro: It's those moments before the battle we have to win.

I. He Taunts Israel (v. 8)

II. He Tells Israel (v. 9)

Ref. Eph. 6:12, Gal. 3:23-24, Jn. 1: 12-13, Eph. 6:16

III. Faith Sees (v. 26)

2. Cor. 5:7

IV. Faith Believes (v. 37)

V. Faith Speaks (v. 45-46)

VI. Faith Overcomes (v. 50)

Ps. 112:18

Conclusion: In the end, we have victory.


Intro: God's goodness gives us ample material for praise.

I. God's Material Provision

II. God's Spiritual Provision


The God who hears prayers (v. 2)

The God who forgives (v. 3)

The God who fellowships (v. 4)

Those who have such readiness will pay their vow of praise.