Psalm 24:1 states that “The Earth is the Lord’s and fullness thereof . . .” which implies that everything belongs to God. God has asked his children to return unto Him a tenth of the financial blessing He bestows on us. Tithing is a voluntary commitment of 10% based on the financial blessings we receive from God. We should render our tithes to our membership church where we worship and praise God. When it comes to His tithes, God expects each of us to be faithful as it reflects how much we Love, Know and Respect Him (See Malachi 3:10 and Proverbs 3:9).


An offering is any amount given to the Lord over and above the tithe or tenth He has asked us to give. An offering is a step of faith above what God has required of us. It is a “sweet smelling savor” unto God even as Christ gave Himself as an offering unto God (Ephesians 5:2). We encourage everyone (members and nonmembers) to make an investment into the Kingdom of God at Prevailing In Christ Ministries and reap the dividends and blessings of souls saved and reclaimed for the Lord.

Benevolent Offering (giving to those in need):

If you desire to give to those in need, you may designate your offering as a “benevolent offering”. Galatians 2:10 states that “we should remember the poor.“ Jesus also said in St. Matthew 26:11 “For ye have the poor always with you.” What an honor it is to be blessed to give to the poor.

Other Acceptable Donations:

  • Stocks & Mutual Funds - Stocks and mutual funds can be donated directly to the church.
  • Real Estate - In general, gifts of real estate; appreciated securities can be given to the church.
  • Life Insurance - You can designate the church as the beneficiary of the policy.
  • Gift Annuities - Charitable gift annuities can be set up where the giver receives irrevocable gifts.
  • Wills, Bequests & Estate Planning - A charitable gift can be given to the church through your will or other estate plans. Such a gift can be used to honor the Lord from the financial increase He has given you during your lifetime (Prov. 3:9&10).

Prevailing In Christ Ministries will forward you a tax deductible statement for any or all of the above donations rendered to the Lord. Thank you in advance for your consideration to invest into this ministry and feel free to stop by for a personal visit and check on your investment. May God bless and keep you.

Ralph's Community Contribution Program:

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